With a focus on female characters and female gamers, FEMGAMER want to fill a niche we feel have been empty for too long.

A lot of game developers and media seem to ignore the fact that gaming community doesn’t solely consist of teenage boys/men. Girls and women of all ages are just as interested in playing video games and make up a big part of the market, and just like the male gamers, we want to make our voices heard. But sadly a lot of femgamers hesitate from taking part in the gaming community and joining the discussions – a thing we here at FEMGAMER want to change. We want to empower YOU, our readers, and help you connect with other femgamers, and together we can make our voices heard and have an impact on the gaming world.

But FEMAGMER is also a personal blog, a place of whimsy and craziness, and our own highly personal opinions on games and the world in general. It is a place where we can talk, rant and ramble, and we hope you’ll join us.

In short, FEMGAMER is your BFF in the gaming community.



About the graphic

We use images to enhance the experience of our readers and we try to name the source and give credit to the owner/artist. But there are times we’ll use pictures without knowing who made them, and we’ve basically found them by googling them. If you should see your artwork, or know the name of the artist, here on the site please let us know so we can give credit where credit is due. Thanks!