Being a grown up is not all its cracked up to be…



From Faeryia to GamerBitch

Watch out, trolls, I got you in my scope!

Okay, so this morning I went on Facebook to set up our FEMGAMER-group. Having that done it was displayed all over my Facebook-timeline in true Facebook-fashion. A couple of minutes later, a guy sent me a message asking what kind of group it was. So I explained that we were into gaming and wanted to create a forum where games and the gaming community could be discussed from a female perspective, and the guy actually replies with: “Yeah, you might want to tone down the whole feminism a little unless you want people to troll you.”

This is exactly the reason why I feel that starting FEMGAMERS is important. The internet is an open forum. Everyone should be able to join in and speak their minds. We shouldn’t impose some kind of self-censorship because of a handful of idiots. But that is exactly what is happening. Instead of being encouraged to speak our minds and stand up for our opinions, we are being told to keep quiet unless we want to be harassed.

I told the guy as much and as you might suspect things went downhill from there. Since I didn’t agree with him it was obvious that I had to be a lesbian man-hater who needed to get some cock… Yeah, I know, there is a huge lack of logic in that statement, but trolls aren’t the brightest bulbs, are they.

Anyway, I used the magical weapon of rhetoric against him and as he crawled off, battered and broken, his last words were: “You’re not a gamer girl. You’re a gamer bitch and I’m gonna tell all my friends about you!”

And I stared at the screen and realised that he was right. I AM a gamer bitch. I will never shut up or hide from the trolls. In fact I welcome them. So, hence forth I AM GAMERBITCH! HEAR ME ROAR!!